Good News in the New Millennium: Tuxedos are a Better Value Than Ever

May 25 2016 – Phyllis Khoshatefeh

Formalwear ad from 1920sThe 1920's was a decade of prosperity and  overindulgence, bootlegged liquor flowed and flappers pushed the limits of the previous generation's moral code. Nicknamed "The Roaring 20's", or "The Jazz Age", like everything else of the era, weddings were a flamboyant affair.

In the 1920's a Tuxedo suit cost about $10, which is the equivalent of $130 today*.  In fact, in today's dollars, the typical groom spent about $350 on his ensemble.  



1 Tuxedo suit $ 10 $130
1 Black tuxedo vest $  6 $ 78
1 Pair dress shoes $  4 $ 52
1 Dress shirt $  3 $ 41
1 Black bow tie $  3 $ 41


By the 1930's, Philadelphia tailors Marliss and Max Rudolphker introduced the 1st mass market ready to wear tuxedo. In that year, an off-the-rack tuxedo cost about $16.00, and the average grooms ensemble totaled $35-$45 , which is the equivalent of $753** in 2016.

Today, an average groom spends approximately $248 on their bridal ensemble. A comparative bargain!



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