Why do Magicians Wear Tuxedos?

January 31 2024 – Phyllis Khoshatefeh

When you think of a magician, what image comes to mind? A person in a black tuxedo, performing incredible tricks and leaving the audience in awe. But have you ever wondered why magicians choose to wear a black top hat and tails? Is it just a fashion statement or is there a deeper meaning behind it? 

Standing Out from the Crowd

Magicians are performers, and just like any other performer, they want to stand out from the crowd. A top hat and tails have a unique ability to catch people's attention and create a sense of grandiosity. When a magician walks on stage wearing a tuxedo tailcoat, all eyes are immediately drawn to them. It sets them apart from the audience and creates an aura of intrigue.

The Power of Mystery

Magicians have amazed audiences for centuries. To add to their intrigue, ancient magicians wore extravagant costumes and performed captivating tricks and incantations. Their outfits typically included tall pointed hats and crimson robes adorned with stars, moons and other symbols that reinforced their mysterious persona and supernatural abilities. The allure of mystery piques the audience's  curiosity and compels them to seek answers, granting the magician control of their attention.

Creating Contrast for Illusions

One of the primary reasons that magicians wear a black tuxedo is to create contrast for their illusions. Many magic tricks rely on misdirection and sleight of hand, and wearing black helps to conceal any movements or props that are necessary for the trick. By blending into the background, magicians can create a seamless and flawless performance.

Reflecting the Art of Magic

Magicians see their craft as an art form, and just like any other artist, they use clothing to express themselves. The choice to wear a black tailcoat is not only symbolic. It reflects the elegance, mystery, and power that magic embodies.  Wearing a black tuxedo, pays homage to the great magicians of the past, like Houdini, who felt that a magician should wear a tuxedo so he is seen as a gentleman member of society. 

So, the next time you see a magician in a black tailcoat, remember that there is more to their choice of clothing than meets the eye. It is a deliberate decision to create an atmosphere of mystery, power, and elegance. The black tailcoat holds a special place in the world of magic, and it is a symbol of the artistry and skill that magicians possess.

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